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Automation and Testing


Programmable logic controllers with complete product support


Human Machine interface either from key board or touch screen


Proximity, Capacitive, Photoelectric, Ultrasonic, Magnetic, Level

Temperature Controllers

All sizes, multiple outputs like SSR, Alarm, Relay and different Input PT 100, K, J etc


All type of transmitter especially pressure & temperature transmitters

Circuit Breakers

MCB, MCCB, ACB with accessories

Emergency Stop

Emergency stop switches with both functions turn to release or push & pull

Door Switches and Relays

To Switch off the system when a door of machine/panel remain open accidently helps to prevent accidents

Enabling Switch

Useful safety for hazardous environment

Safety Controllers

Can monitor multiple device like emergency stop, enabling, light curtains in Human machine interface environment

Relay Barriers

For hazardous, chemical & gaseous environment and prevent accidents due to current, voltage or energy

Explosion Proof Components

Explosion proof Panels, Switches, control Sensors, Lights for hazardous environment.

Variable Frequency Drives

VFDs Inverters 0.75 Kw - 750 KW single phase/ 3 phase


Lockout Kits & Lock out for different components

Switches and Pilot Devices

Panel accessories like panel lights, push button, selector/ key switches of high quality. Dia 16 mm, 22 mm , 30 mm

Display Lights

We have wide range indications to monitor process.

Relays and Sockets

Best relays for smooth function of process/ machines different voltages & pin arrangements along with sockets

LED Panel Lighting

Control cabinets are often insufficiently lit. Conventional cabinet lighting, however, is too large and expensive. A favorable lighting solution should be space-saving and effective to make maintenance work in cabinets more efficient and safe.

Timers Multifunction

Less heat more lighting as well as eco friendly

Terminals Block

Terminal blocks of high quality made of excellent flame proof, Shock Resistan

Thermal Printer

Thermal Printer for Connector Tags

Surge Protection Devices

Surge Protection for safety of equipments